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Blue Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor and Step Counter

Chipset:Apple A12X

GPU:Apple 7-Core

Panel Type:IPS LCD


Aspect Ratio:199:139

Pixel Density:264 ppi

Viewing Angle:178°

Brightness:600 cd/m²

Dimensions:7.0 x 9.7 x 0.2"

Weight:1.03 lb / .47 kg

Ports:1 x USB 3.1 - Type C

SIM Card Size:1 x Nano

Wi-Fi:Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac)

Bluetooth:Bluetooth 5.0

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Fitness Tracker- Accurately track your steps, distance traveled, calories burned,activity time all day.14 training modes available for you to better track your other activities.
IP68 waterproof stand,Willful SW351 can be used when swimming or diving; 2):0.96 inch LCD Color Screen offers excellent HD image quality;3):Adopt the newest Dual-color bands design,make it quite unique from other fitness trackers.
Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor and Step Counter Sleep Monitor Heart Rate Monitor & Sleep Monitor – Adopt the latest HR sensor for accurate and effective heart rate monitoring;Automatically detect your sleep during 9 pm to 8 am and analyze your sleep quality with deep sleep,light sleep and awake time.The silent vibration alarm can wake you up without disturbing others.
Never Miss Call & Message – See Calls & Messages on Your Wrist: Receive call, calendar, SMS and SNS (Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter) notifications on display; never miss important messages.
Built-in USB Charge & Long-lasting Battery – Willful SW351 has a USB plug at the end of the host,just remove the bands and charge it with any USB port (no cable needed).One full charge gives you up to 7 days of working time. All-day Activity Tracking: This smart watch accurately records your all-day activities such as steps, distance, calories burned, awake and sleep stats. The bracelet will remind you for moving after long-time sit.Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor and Step Counter Sleep Monitor
Various Training Modes & Real-time GPS: 14 exercise modes Walking,Running,Ride,Hike,Mountaineering, Dynamic cycling,Badminton,Fitness,Treadmill,Yoga,Basketball,Football,Tennis and Dancing. It will tack your exercise time, calories burned,heart rate when you do above sports.Connect the GPS on your phone will show real-time status:pace, distance and map of your activity routes.Calls & Messages Notification: The wristband receives call, calendar, SMS and SNS (Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter) notifications on display. Keep in touch with the world! Built-in USB Plug: The fitness tracker itself is a USB charger,no additional charging cable needed.Just pull off the screen part and plug the metal side into USB dock for charging. Charge the smart bracelet before first time use. One single charge gives you up to 7 days of working time.
We offer 30 days full refund, 12 months warranty,life time technical support.

Blue Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor and Step Counter Sleep Monitor - Fitness Trackers - 1

For A Healthier Life: Sore back, stiff neck, aching wrists? All of us office desk-junkies have had such problems at some point. Now with fitness tracker, life will be different! It will record all-day activity(with 14 sport modes), such as distance walked, calorie consumption, the Sedentary Alert will remind you to take a rest. Come to know yourself better and embrace a healthy life!

For Closer Distance: Be busy working and miss call/message? Never miss your important She/He again with us! Vibration and Wrist Sense make it easy to check the income notifications. Get in touch with friends without any delay. Instant communication will increase intimacy and make us closer. P.S. Need to connect with your smart phone(android 4.4 or above, iOS 7.1 or above), Please download “VeryfitPro”.

For Warmer Care: In this cold winter, Send this warm gift to your lovers or parents. The smart bracelet clearly records deep sleep time, light sleep time and awake time, produces vivid color maps according to daily data for easier analysis. Also, Real-time monitoring of heart rate helps scientifically adjust exercise status. The most intimate care for the most loved one.

For More Comfortable Experience: Various charging lines make you annoyed? With built-in charger, just to pull out the strap and take out the bracelet body, insert the chip-mounted end of the bracelet body into the USB interface to charge it. The strap is made of Thermoplastic elastomers(The total wearable length is between 5.9-8.2 inch), which is more comfortable than other materials.

Forever here: Your satisfaction is one of our first priority, This product has one year warranty, For any problem, please contact us with your order number at the first time, knowing that we will always here to solve your any problem.

Blue Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor and Step Counter Sleep Monitor - Fitness Trackers - 2

Colorful Screen! Improve client experience – unlike usual bracelets with a black and white screen, it increases the user experience.

Wireless Data Synchronization – Wireless data syncs from the tracker to the phone. The tracker’s time and date are automatically synchronized with your phone’s time and date.

Measure heart rate, blood oxygen, blood pressure – one can measure manually by bracelet or application. Turn on the monitor and record the blood pressure, blood oxygen content, and heart rate data.

Track activities throughout the day – daily record steps, distance and calorie intake.

Sleep Monitor and Alarm Clock – Automatically record sleep quality.

Incoming call alert – When you turn on the call alert feature in your app, the wristband will vibrate your phone every time.

Message Alert – Receive notifications from other apps (Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter) on your tracker screen and the wristband will vibrate.

Sedentary Reminder – Set in Dafit to remind you to start your active body through vibration.

Waterproof grade – IP67 waterproof, sweat-proof, rainproof, do not exceed 1 meter in water depth( Only apply to cold water).

Q: When will you arrange the production?
A: We usually arrange the production immediately after receiving your payment if we have the item in stock. Otherwise, please confirm with us for lead time.

Q: What is your accepted payment type?
A: Wire transfer, Paypal and Western Union, and Alibaba Trade Assurance.We only accept Paypal and Western Union, and Alibaba Trade Assurance for payment amounts below USD400.

Q: What logistic forwarder do you usually work with?
A: We work with EMS, TNT, UPS, FEDEX and other logistric forwarders. Assigned your own forwarder for shipment is available.

Q: What if the Wireless Charging Bundle is not charging my device(s)?
A: 1. Check to ensure that your device is Qi-compliant.
2. Check to ensure that the AC adapter you’re using with the Wireless Charging Bundle has an output of 2A or more.
3. Check to ensure that you are placing your phone on the center of Wireless Charging Bundle.
4. Check to ensure the phone is not in a 5mm or thicker case when charging.
5. Check to ensure there is no metal obstruction on the back of the phone/phone case, or credit cards inside the case.
6. The Wireless Charging Bundle’s cable may be faulty. Try using a different cable.
7. Restart your phone. If the problem persists, please email us at to claim your 18-month warranty. Request sent to owner.

Q: How does the Wireless Charging Bundle charging speed compare to a traditional wired charger?
A: It depends on your device, but wireless charging generally charges at a slower rate.

Q: What is the Wireless Charging Bundle charging speed?
A: Charging speed varies depending on the device. You can expect a maximum charge current of 1A.

Q: What kind of AC adapter should I use with Wireless Charging Bundle?
A: Make sure that the AC adapter that you use has a minimum output of 2A, otherwise your devices may not charge properly.

Q: Can I use a different USB cable instead of the cable that comes with Wireless Charging Bundle?
A: Yes, other Micro USB cables can be used, but to ensure the utmost safety and performance, we strongly recommend using your device’s original cable (OEM) to charge your devices with the Wireless Charging Bundle.

Q: What does Wireless Charging Bundle’s LED indicator show while charging?
A: When the charging pad is powered up, you pick up your phone during charging, or your phone is fully charged, the LED indicator will display blue for 3 seconds before turning off. While your phone is charging, the LED will display a steady blue. If your phone is not charging normally or the temperature is too high, the LED will flash blue. Request sent to owner.

Q: Is radiation from wireless chargers harmful to one’s health?
A: The PowerPort Wireless 5 Pad only emits non-ionizing radiation which is not harmful to humans. What’s more, it’s certified with FCC, CE, RoHS, etc.

Q: Does wireless charging affect other wireless devices?
A: No. Wireless chargers use frequencies between 110-205kHz, which are in a different range than most wireless devices. What’s more, it’s certified with FCC, CE, RoHS, etc.

Q: Does this charger produce excessive heat?
A: When in use, this charger’s temperature should not exceed 104°F/40°C.


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